Who we are

Chi siamo

When I was little, as soon as the time of the grape harvest dawned on the horizon, days that were comparable to the most festive ones arrived in our country. Smells, colors, music. Preparations for the grape harvest began in all families. The vats, the busy hands of the adults, the handkerchiefs around the hair, the popular songs, the sun still warm, but warm enough to spend whole days in the middle of the countryside, the smell of must and the sticky mouth of grapes ... are memories indelible for someone like me, who lived next to his grandfather, in the middle of the rows. In the middle of the earth, observing its thousand phenomena and transformations, I spent my childhood and adolescence. Those scenes inhabited the heart and mind until in 2012 I thought about making that dream that I had long cultivated there, in the midst of the furrows, with my grandfather Uccio, with my family.